Most Improved Player [Slowed N Throwed Remix] by DJ KSin

Check out the Most Improved Player (Slowed N Throwed Remix) by Dj KSin
Its goin in!

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Most Improved Player

Check out my new project "Most Improved Player" the first installment of Up Against Hell Vol.3 "Most Improved Player"

I was going to put this out tomorrow on April 1st but i figured only a fool would do something like that so i chose today,but back to it the "Most Improved Player"is more on the lines of a concept project. In brief its about a bullpen pitcher warming up bout to get in the game. I usually only do 8 songs on a project, but i decided to go and do 9 for 9 innings on this one. Crazy right? Go check it out!

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I got my first ever screwtape done and its bangin shoutout to DJ KSin for doin ya thang.

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Salt N Pepa (Hot Summa Baby)



THE MOTF: Spring Training

                                               (Released March 16, 2013)

I was looking at the dates and today officially makes a year since I began the  Up Against Hell Series. The MOTF: Spring Training was the first project part of Up Against Hell Vol.1. Listening to it now is kinda crazy cause I was trying to make somthing that shouldnt and hadnt been made and managed to squeeze in a lesson on economics in the process. Check it out!

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"What is done today is done tomorrow." 


The MOTF 2

The MOTF 2 is a story about me making it rain in hell. Though its not genre specific I mixed a wide range of sounds to put this together, and I must say this project came out very well. Go check it out!

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PSA 2 (The MOTF 2)

 I am putting out The MOTF 2 tommorow here is a record I have off there i had this prolly since last July never released it thought it was cheesy cause eryone else had a Miley Cyrus record but here it go I gotta cut it loose.


Fairwell To Winter

A track off the "Most Improved Player"


Slippin on this blog business

Man having a blog is crazy u gotta actually write post in it to have post. This is crazy no amount of magic in the world can create a blog post,but its all good.

I Have been doing quite a bit of writing as of late got a few projects lined up im trying knockout.
Will keep this blog updated

Oh yea gotta shoutout my lil cousin Jo Jo its her birthday today one mo for da turn up!


Cooler Than You (Im Ice Cold)

Dropping a song that will be off the "Most Improved Player" project alot of cool weather lately thought this was most appropriate.


Special Are You


Delinquent Account (The Great Storytape)

(Released October 15, 2012)

Delinquent Accounts is a story I made revolving around the american banking crisis in the sense of as a regular person if you mess your money up no one is going to bail you out,but you could rob the bank. (Im not advising you of this...its only entertainment lol)

I produced the majority of this project 3rain assisted me with some production on 4 records as well as  sequenced this project.  I got the homie Slinky Slim aka Nola Boy aka Slick Slim on a couple of the tracks that came out very well. I watched a ridiculous amount of films of bank robberies to be able to get clips to help illustrate the bank robberies within the songs.

There will be a Delinquent Accounts 2 sometime this year sooner before later.

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The Lost Art

(Released February 1, 2012)
The Lost Art was the first project i put out in close to 3 years after the Honorary Senior. This was my first "mixtape" I ever did. A good friend of mine 3rain helped me put it together using songs i had emailed to him over the 3 year period.

The Lost Art includes  a mix of mostly original songs that I simply never put out, with a few demo and and cover tracks.

This project helped get me back in the groove of recording regularly and looking to put projects together again.

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First Post

I thought now would be the perfect time to write my first post because these post aint gon write themselves so here goes the first post.

In the process of getting the workflow back together new projects coming soon so stay posted.

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